What exactly is aesthetic medicine?

By Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne

image1-1-683x1024 AESTHETIC MEDICINE

Commonly called as cosmetic medicine, this is one of the fastest growing medical fields in the world merely because it improves a person’s quality of life.

Even though you cannot judge a book by its cover, unfortunately for us humans, we tend to get attracted by physical appearance and have a tendency to judge a person by his or her outlook. 

Starting from our childhood days, we are more attracted to better looking class teachers , certain careers consider appearance to be an important criteria for selection, physical appearance being an important part in social connections ( hence the phrase “first impression” ) the way we look and present our self has become an important aspect of our lives. 

If it wasn’t so important, we wouldn’t have so many people seeking our help in order to make themselves look better. After all you’ve got to love yourself before you love another! And if u look neglected, would anyone believe that you can take care of another? 

I always ask my patients why they want to improve their appearance. And the answer always is “to feel better and to feel more Confident!” 

All of us not born looking like a celebrity, but it’s a primal need to feel special, admired, valued and confident and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that…. 

so may be a cosmetic physician might not “save lives” but we definitely add “life” to your years and make you feel better. 

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