A unique skin lifting technique which uses special threads. This treatment is especially popular for its safe, efficient and long-lasting results.

The treatment involves inserting of soft threads under the skin to help suspend the skin and stimulate collagen production.

An art in itself, the trained doctors at Christell are well proficient in achieving the desired lift using this technique. The results are achieved quickly and without scarring. The threads dissolve in 9-12 months, but the supporting scaffolding created maintains the lift for several years.

At Christell, each thread lifting is tailored to the desires and requirements of each patient. Thread lifting is a popular option for brows, mid-face, jaw line and neck.

Preparing for the treatment

The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia. And, most patients require a mild pain killer after the treatment.

Preparing for the treatment

Bruising and swelling is common after the treatment. Antibiotics are used on all patients.

First sight of results is in six weeks. At three months your results will be much better and at six months even better. The final and full effect of the treatment will be at 12 months.

Ideal for:

  • Deep folds in the skinSagging skin 

    Treatment duration – 1 hour 30 mins

    Anaesthetic – local

    Back to work – 5 days

    Results – 3-12 months

    Results last – 2-3 years

    Risks – none

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