PRP Vampire Facial

PRP Vampire Facial

CHEMICAL-PEEL2-150x150 PRP Vampire Facial
Acne-Scares-Christell-4-150x150 PRP Vampire Facial

Christell has successfully completed more than 1000 PRP procedures. As Christell is the only clinic in Sri Lanka to boast this experience and accomplishment, we have established ourselves as the most popular clinic for this treatment.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment uses the patient’s own blood to bio-stimulate the skin cells; hence the term ‘Vampire.’ This treatment supports and accelerates the process of skin tissue regeneration and renewal by using PRP. The activated platelets release growth factors resulting in stimulation and production of collagen, induction of stem cell division and differentiation, stimulating the formation of new blood vessels.

Due to its amazing results, PRP Vampire Facial has become a popular treatment. Improved skin tone, elasticity, long-term reduction of wrinkles, and faster healing are its pluses. As the blood injected is the patient’s own the side effects are minimal.

The treatment is used to treat face, eyes, neck and even dry hands

Why is PRP at christell is the best ?

We use the worlds best PRP technology ‘Regen labs’ which ensures safety of the treatment

  • Recognized by Regen labs, Switzerland, as provider of the highest number of Regen Lab PRP in Sri Lanka.
  • Complementary hair analysis scan worth Rs7500 for the package
  • Only clinic that gives 3 benefits for the price of one :
    • PRP using the best technology
    • Additional hair growth nutrients given via mesotherapy
    • Hair growth light therapy
  • Done after a full medical assessment to find the actual cause of hair loss
  • Long record of successful results and highest number of patients
  • Only ISO certified clinic in Sri Lanka
  • BEST professionals in the field
About 'Regen Labs'

Ideal for:

  • Hair loss
  • Anti-ageing
  • Acne scars
  • Dry Skin


Treatment duration –

Anaesthetic – local

Back to work – 1 day

Results – after 3 sessions

Results last – 1 years

Risks – none

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