Mesoestetic Energy C treatment

Mesoestetic Energy C treatment

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ENERGY-C GLOW ANTIOXIDANT THERAPY, is a skin brightening treatment for all skin types. The skin brightening treatment uses the antioxidant power of vitamin C to overcome dull skin caused by sun exposure, smoking, unhealthy diets and stress.

Using a high concentration of vitamin C, this treatment regenerates the cell membrane, improves pigmentary lesions, prevents formation of blemishes, induces collagen synthesis and moisturises the skin. This results in the brightening of the skin.

Similar to that of the normal facial, the therapy is pain free with no downtime. The results are immediate and long lasting.

The skin brightening treatment includes a skin preparation, energising massage using a high concentration of collagen, a boosting mask, finished off by another massage. You can maintain the results obtained at our clinic by using the recommended home maintenance pack.

Ideal for:

  • Dull skin
  • Sun damaged skin

Treatment duration – – 60 mins

Anaesthetic – none

Back to work – immediately

Results – immediate

Results last – 1-2 months

Risks – none

Energy c


Vitamin C is an active substance that prevents skin aging.Applied on skin,it remains in the skin for 48 hours where the therapeutic response obtained is 30 times higher than with oral administration.Its efficacy has been revealed in several in vitro and in vivo studies that highlight the following properties.


-UVA and UVB protection


-promoter of collagen synthesis

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