High-intensity Skin Lightening


CHEMICAL-PEEL1-150x150 High-intensity Skin Lightening
CHEMICAL-PEEL2-150x150 High-intensity Skin Lightening


High intensity skin lightening treatment at Christell is designed to reduce melanin patches. It’s a highly effective, versatile treatment which we can design to suit your specific needs.

Excessive pigmentation and imperfections on the skin caused by melanin patches are a result of exposure to sun and ageing. With High Intensity Skin Lightening treatment, you can regain your skin tone as well as the smoothness and luminosity of your skin.

The treatment involves the inhibition of tyrosinase – the enzyme involved in melanin formation. This process has proven to be very effective even in severe melasma and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. In most cases, one week after the treatment the skin tone improves by 95%

This treatment cannot be combined with other skin lightening and de-pigmentation procedures.

Ideal for:

  • Pigmentation
  • Skin imperfections
  • Sun damaged skin


Treatment duration – 30 mins

Anaesthetic – none

Back to work – 1 week

Results – in 2 months

Results last – permanent

Risks – none

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