Electro Muscle Stimulation for Skin Toning


Electro muscle stimulation, also known as EMS, is the ideal treatment for toning the muscle to tighten the skin. The procedure uses micro-current to stimulate the muscle to make it stronger, tighter and leaner. This will result in the muscle filling up the loose skin to smoothen and firm the skin. The EMS treatment makes the muscle burn more fat.

Compared to other skin firming treatments, this does not affect the skin. It impacts the muscle to tighten the skin – rejuvenate ageing skin. And unlike other skin firming procedures this does not encourage collagen growth.

EMS involves a series of treatments. Depending on the concerns, our cosmetologist at Christell will strategically stimulate the desired points with a low level electrical current. Each treatment last 30 minutes. To achieve permanent improvement on your skin, continual, consistent treatments are recommended.

ideal for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Increasing circulation in particular areas


Treatment duration -30-60  mins

Anaesthetic – none

Back to work – immediately

Results – immediate

Results last – 2-3 months

Risks – none

You may also want to try:

  • High-intensity Ultrasound Tightening