Chemical Peel

The chemical peel is one of the simplest and most sought-after skin treatments to rejuvenate your skin. The chemical peel procedure involves application of a solution to the skin which removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new ones.

Naturally, your skin regenerates itself by shedding dead skin cells to be replaced by new cells. But, as your skin ages, this process slows down making your skin look dull. Your lifestyle, health, amount of sun exposure, may also add to this causing your skin to lose its natural lustre.

The chemical peel assists your skin to regenerates itself. It restores your skin’s youthful appearance; removes age spots, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a much healthier younger skin, with lasting results.

Chemical Peel – Chrestell Clinic.

Christell Skin Clinic offers different types of peels. Your skin will be assessed by our cosmetologist, and, depending your skin’s requirements and the level of improvement you desire, the type of peel will be decided.

Preparing for the treatment

Use sunscreen regularly for two days before the treatment. Refrain from using any other creams, moisturizers, make-up on the area to be treated. Do let us know if you are on any medication.

Do not wear any makeup or use any moisturizer or sun block on the day of the treatment.

Post­-treatment care

Your new, younger skin may appear lighter and pinkish soon after the treatment but, within a week’s time the skin tone will improve, and the results of the treatment will be visible. Your new skin will feel tighter, smoother and definitely younger.

Take care to protect yourself from the sun. Avoid saunas and steam for seven days after the treatment. Moisturisers should be applied regularly; every six hours for at least three days. Six to eight hours after the procedure, you can wash your face using a gentle face wash.

You may experience mild irritation such as redness, peeling, scabbing. This may last to about two days. But this is normal, and you have nothing to worry about. If you have any concerns you can always call us.

Why Christell Peels are better

  • Professor Ramani Arsecularatne, Sri lanka’s only professor of cosmetology has been performing peels since
  • Highest qualified and experienced cosmetic physicians
  • Only uses very high quality international peels which has safety certification
  • 30 years of experience to handle any skin situation
  • Uses signature ‘Hybrid Designer Peels‘ Only at Christell for better outcome
  • Only ISO certified clinic in Sri Lanka

Ideal for:

  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Oil controlling
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Under eye darkness
  • Dry skin


  • Treatment duration – 30 – 45 min (approx.)
  • Anaesthetic – none
  • Back to work – immediate
  • Results – in 1 week
  • Results last – Permanent
  • Risks – None

You may also want to try:

  • Laser skin rejuvenation
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Skin polishing
  • Medi-facials

Introducing hybrid designer peels

What are Hybrid Designer peels?

  • Clinical Couture range of skin peels are formulated to rejuvenate, brighten, smooth wrinkles, detoxify, protect and energize
  • After consultation our Prof Ramani or Our experienced cosmetic physician will further tailor your peel treatment for your specific skin concerns.
  • Prepare the skin with a special pre-procedure solution to balance the PH of the skin and prepare absorption of peel better.
  • Mixing more than one Very high quality peel agents to support the skin concern so there’s a better outcome than using just one.

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