Burns if second or third degree (deeper in depth) in nature, often leads to healing but will result in a scar.

Apart from cosmetic concerns, with person’s self-confidence being massively affected, it often leads to difficulty in mobilization and full range movement of affected parts during daily activities.

Why Christell Clinic For Burns Scar Treatment?

At Christell Clinic we assess, counsel and manage these burn scars with topical and Radiofrequency based resurfacing procedures. These procedures have been helpful to release some tension over the contracture bands, with improvement in scarring and pigmentation.
Overall, it helps in regaining individual’s self-confidence with mobility also being improved up to a large extent.

Treatments for burn scars and contractures


Topical medications can be prescribed that help in flattening and re-pigmentation of scar.

Laser treatment for scar

We use laser to resurface the scars and release the contractures. The procedure helps in flattening and blending in of scars and over time a scar resurfacing of 90% is noticed by the procedure.

MCA Treatment

Specialized treatment carried out for scar filling and rejuvenation.