Who We Are


Christell Skin Clinic is one of the leading cosmetology clinics in Colombo. Spearheaded by Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne and Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne, two leading cosmetology experts in Sri Lanka. The clinic offers world-class non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments to address skin, hair and body care needs.

The establishment houses collection of highly-trained, qualified therapists and consultants, whose priority is to deliver the best solutions to the loyal customers. The band of experts led by the two doctors, have successfully won the hearts of anyone crossing the welcoming doorways of the skin clinic.


Our Technology


We have exclusive access to the latest US FDA approved technologies and treatments, which ensure maximum results with guaranteed safety.

We believe in using the latest technology from global leaders in skincare to keep the clinic up to date with international training.

Unrestricted access to break-through research and developments, information and technology, and the seamless flow of medical and aesthetic know-how is encouraged at Christell Skin Clinic.


Spearheaded By Industry Specialists

A trendsetter of Sri Lanka’s Beauty and Hairdressing industry, Prof Ramani Arsecularatne constantly strives to achieve success through perfection.

Starting off initially with a staff of three, she went on to establish the Ramani Arsecularatne International Academy of Cosmetology (RAIAC) and is now a mentor who has paved the way for many to enter the Sri Lankan Hair, Beauty and Fine Arts industries.

Holding an academic portfolio, which encompasses institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Japan, Prof Arsecularatne reveals that her journey has always been steady.

She was the first Sri Lankan to obtain a degree in the field of beauty and hairdressing and is also graduate of Christine Valmy Institute in New York and Kimari International in Singapore.

Prof Arsecularatne’s vision was always a clear one. Seeing that Sri Lanka lacked a proper institution for academic and professional courses on this field, she took the first step by establishing RAIAC. In doing so, she has empowered thousands of students who sought to pursue careers in the Beauty-care industry.

With 25 years of experience behind her, Prof Ramani Arsecularatne aspires to introduce the latest innovative solutions to her broad clientele. Her treatments adhere strictly to the medical code of conduct during procedures; therefore, customers are assured with complete safety. Prof Ramani Arsecularatne along with her qualified team takes on the task of making history in the field of beauty care, a day at a time.



Maintaining Standards

Our expert medical team have the longest training and medical qualifications in the industry and like all treaters in the organisation, operate according to the latest medical approved medical protocols.

Pioneers in Innovation

From the day we founded Christell Skin Clinic, the organization has been at the forefront of the industry, bringing the latest innovative treatments to our customers, underpinned by the highest medical standards and expertise. You can see our complete range of treatments, including new launches, through our official website.


Quality Of Service at Christell Skin Clinic

When you make a decision to go ahead with a treatment or procedure, you’ll be feeling positive and looking ahead to renewed feelings of self-confidence.

As our company tagline suggests, Christell Skin Clinic focuses to ‘bring out the best in you’ through a healthy combination of aesthetic medical treatments and advanced technology. Whatever the methodology may be, our ultimate goal is for you to project and be a beacon of self-confidence.

We will always ensure that you feel fully supported before, during and after the treatments, whether that’s more information to take away, a phone call or simply time to think about whether you require further treatment.


We are also geared to provide you with any products you would have to in relation to your treatments and information to maintain results at home.


Premium Care

Our team of professionals offer comprehensive treatment and refinement for the skin, hair and body for the entire family.


As a premium service provider in Cosmetology, we have the resources, technology and the right expertise to treat virtually any skin-related concern.

Efficient Service

In order to avoid waiting hassles, we always request our customers to make prior appointments. However, to guarantee ease of access, our customers can simply make a reservation by dropping us a private message on social media pages or through the Christell Skin Clinic website.

For your convenience, you can also save more time by making an appointment and filling out the subscription form provided online.


The First and Only ISO Certified Skin Clinic in the Country.


Christell Skin Clinic is the First and currently only ISO certified skincare services provider in Sri Lanka. We were recently awarded with the aforementioned accolade for the exceptional level of service maintained, quality of customer service and specially the nature of treatments provided at our state-of-the-art facility in Colombo.



Other Services

In addition to our full-service portfolio extending through Skin, Body and Hair, we have recently initiated two other related support services. Namely, Psychology consultations and Nutrition consultation. The inclusion of the above two services were brought forward in order to provide a holistic solution for our clients, where they will also have the opportunity to adapt both physically and mentally for personal betterment. Also, both maintaining a healthy diet and a strong mindset is imperative in achieving physical wellness.

Our Core Values

We are committed to partnering with patients to deliver exceptional, urgent and compassionate care experiences.


We collaborate to achieve our shared goals, respecting each other’s contributions and importance, and remaining accountable to one another.


We care for our patients and for each other, seeking to sustain vital, healthy and fulfilling lives.


We act with integrity, fulfilling our promises and preserving open, honest dialogue with one another, our patients and our suppliers.


We proactively pursue innovation and continuous improvement to ensure that we are delivering the best possible, highest quality care through the most efficient and pristine operations.


We attract and retain talented people by appreciating each person’s unique talents, by empowering everyone to deliver exceptional patient experiences and by cultivating creativity, teamwork and optimism.


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  • Piumi Wijewickrama

    I have been taking vitamin drips for a few weeks now, from the ‘Elixir Clinic’ which is a subsidiary of the ‘Christell Skin Clinic’. Being a sufferer from Seronegative Rheumatoid arthritic conditions i am delighted to say that i have noticed positive changes in my health,i.e.,drastic reduction of unbearable menstrual pains and excessive bleeding,decreased morning stiffness,stronger nails.The drips are being given intravenously by a member of the medical staff making sure that no air bubbles enter into the bloodstream through the ‘cannula’. Throughout the procedure a nurse will be near you. Hygienic levels are excellent.The staff is so warm and welcoming(honestly,i don’t think that you get this level of customer service even at Shangri-la… lol !!! ) Hats off to Dr Shanika and Prof Ramani for leading a wonderful team like this. And a special note of thanks to Dr Hari Prasath for going the extra mile to cater to my specific needs and for simply being a wonderful human being!.. I do encourage anyone who wishes to amp up their health to pay a visit to the Elixir clinic… Au revoir !!

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